Saturday, October 12, 2013

Salon Showcase 2013-W41

Howdy Hi...  long time, no see!  We ourselves got together a few times socially over the summer, but not to make art until today.  Our numbers are slightly reduced...  Steve F. has taken up residence in Mexico for now — we hope from time to time he'll send pix of something he's painted south of the border.

Meanwhile, today marked the 3 year anniversary of our little Salon.  Talk about tempis fugit!  We shook off the cobwebs of our long hiatus and kicked off our "fourth season" with these creations.  Enjoy, and come back next week...  we will!

by Eileen:

Copying Sargent

by Jacqueline:

Welcome Fall

by Molly:

Big River

by Glen:


by David:

The Artist, Pixellated

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